Aims and Objectives

Our mission is to transform the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

We are committed to working and learning collaboratively with the people we support by ensuring that our services facilitate the achievement of their personal goals through customised learning activities. We go beyond just providing basic services to addressing real quality of life issues. Marian House has developed a culture where staff explore the major barriers that inhibit people with disabilities from achieving greater independence and develop strategies for increasing regular opportunities for personal growth and expression. By working hand in hand with the individuals we serve, we are breaking barriers standing in their way.  Staff support residents in pursuing personal hobbies and activities and to take part in any activities in the community. 


• Understanding that safety is a basic human right
• Treating everyone with dignity, honesty, respect and compassion
• Being a caring and professional organisation
• Having progressive, innovative and adaptive personnel
• Promoting the achievement of individual choices, dreams and aspirations
• Respecting individual rights

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